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About us

Chimmed Group (since 1991) is the Russian leading group of companies, which supplies local customers with very wide range of chemicals and lab equipment. Focused on satisfaction of existing and forecasted needs of our customers, we continue to expand our product line and variety of services.There are more than 300 employees, including 10 Ph.D.Chimmed is one of the three local manufacturers of lab and special grade solvents according State (GOST) and own standards. We have got ISO 9001 certificate for our facility. Quality of raw materials and finished products tests in own analytical laboratory. There is also re-packing facility in Podolsk (Moscow region).

Our customers

State and private R&D centers and institutes, chemical and petrochemical plants, manufacturers of medicines, cosmetics, veterinary, companies of food industry in almost all regions of Russia – all of them are CHIMMED customers. Widespread distribution network across the territory of Russian Federation secures efficient satisfaction of the needs of our more than 6000 customers ensuring the shortest possible delivery periods of guaranteed quality products.

Business priorities

  • Direct supply contracts with international manufactures to offer the best prices for our customers;
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers as a distributor and service provider at the territory of Russia;
  • Support and development of own logistic and service network to be as close to the customer as possible;
  • Extension of own warehousing, with existing Moscow warehouse capacity of more than 8000 product titles in wide range of temperature regimes;
  • Focus on the fast growing Russian pharmaceutical market, with excipients production and delivery as the highly-demanded segment;
  • Close cooperation with our international partners in provision of technical support for our customers.

Advantages for international partners

  • After 31 years of diversified chemical and pharmaceutical market activities, CHIMMED benefits from high market recognition, supporting valuable brands of international manufacturers by our own reputation.
  • Excellent knowledge of Russian chemical and pharmaceutical market and its growth area as well as local legislation and business environment.
  • Wide-spread network of more than 6000 established clients, which includes numerous pharmaceutical producers, secures fast access of manufacturers’ products to the end users with the support of our own logistic, service and warehousing system.
  • Efficient in-house logistic network guarantees the best-in-class delivery time and reliable custom clearance support.
  • Flexible payment terms, and contract currency.

Main competitive advantages

  • Diversified business activities, which include wholesale trade, manufacturing activity, project design, facility construction, and logistics;
  • Wide product range aimed to secure single-spot shopping for our customers providing them with everything they need to equip and support their laboratory – from sophisticated analytical equipment and laboratory furniture to consumable materials;
  • Efficient delivery service at the market supported by own logistics network;
  • Competitive pricing supported by long-time relations with the suppliers;
  • Many years’ experience in procurement of chemical agents and equipment, and excellent understanding of existing and forecasted needs of our customers.


  • Collecting materials at а warehouse in Europe.
  • Handling and preparation of custom export documents.
  • Regular delivery to Moscow by CHIMMED tracks with temperature-controlled chambers.
  • Precise thermal conditioning during transportation and storage of biological and chemical products, including deep-frozen products – from -20⁰C to -80⁰C, up to -140⁰C, and -196⁰C.
  • Standard delivery time from Europe to Moscow – 7 days.
  • Custom clearance in Russia.
  • Warehousing of monthly/weekly/daily stock of materials at CHIMMED storage facilities at required temperature regimes.
  • Delivery in terms of DDP.


Phone: +7 (495) 640-41-92

Kashirskoe shosse, 3, korp. 2, str.9, “Sirius Park”, Moscow, 115230, Russia

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