Химмед - поставим реактивы, лабораторное оборудование, аналитическое оборудование. Chimmed

About the company

Group of companies “Chimmed” was found in 1991 and is currently a leading supplier in Russia of chemical reagents and laboratory equipment for laboratory’s engineering. There are more then 400 employees, including 6 Doctors of Science, more then 10 Ph.D. and more than 50 young specialists in Chimmed.

The Company’s main Business Dimensions are:

- Chemical reagents and solvents

- Laboratory and process equipment

- The analytical equipment, chromatography and consumables

- Biochemistry and Biotechnology

- Materials for microelectronics

- Radiating security

- Designing and construction of laboratories

Our customers

Research and Development Establishments, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical and veterinary enterprises, medical laboratories, food and cosmetic industries – all of them are our customers. Today we have 9 thousand unique clients in Russia and CIS countries.

Regional representative offices are located in:

St. Petersburg




General logistic scheme

- Delivery to Moscow by Chimmed tracks with low-temperature chambers

- Custom clearance in Russia.

- Storage of materials in warehouses of daily, weekly and monthly storage in Moscow according to the agreed range and volume.

- Delivery of materials to the end customers in terms of DDP

- Contracts with end customers in Rubles.

Logistics, warehouses

The Company Chimmed put into operation a new chemical warehouse with a total area of 1000 m2 in Moscow region. This is an up-to-date warehouse complex of “A” class which corresponds to the all requirements of building and sanitary regulations, fire-safety and ecological rules.

The storage and record keeping of precursors is performed in accordance to the demands of the Russian Federation regulation. Furthermore, specific warehouses are built as per the regulations for the storage of HFL and toxic chemical reagents.


We believe that private companies like ours, can and have to contribute in the future of contemporary society by helping deprived and handicapped children.

At present time “Chimmed” company is implementing the following social programs: I. “Illustrated books for little blind children”

Our company participates in the program “Books for Gift” 10 years already. Two sets of tactile books "Atlas of the Perception of Illustrations" for primary school-aged children are issued annually within the program.

"Our Orphanage "

"Our Orphanage " focuses at:


Social adaptation.

Organization of holidays and entertainments.

We hope that our taking care of children helps them to feel more self confident in their forces and to form an appropriate attitude to the society. “Chimmed” company is a reliable partner and leader at the chemical market in Russia. We are ready to consider your suggestions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

We invite foreign trading companies for cooperation and work at Russian chemical and biotechnological markets.

For information about business cooperation, please contact by e-mail: gurentsova@chimmed.ru

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