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Description_x000D_ General description_x000D_ Antifoam function as an effective foam suppressor. Antifoam 204 contains 100% active components and is a mixture of organic non-silicone polypropylene-based polyether dispersions. It does not contain mineral oil. Antifoam 204 can itself be considered a surfactant, but it contains no other surfactants. This product is synthetic and not derived from animal or plant sources. Antifoam 204 can be sterilized repeatedly. The flow properties of Antifoam 204 are such that it can be pumped to a fermenter on an as-needed basis. For use in microbiological media, Sigma recommends a starting concentration of between 0.005% and 0.01%._x000D_ Application_x000D_ Antifoam 204 has been used:_x000D_ • to suppress bubbling in thylakoid solutions during intramembrane isoprene quantification_x000D_ • as a component of fed-batch continuous culture fermentation medium_x000D_ • to suppress severe foaming in fermenter{45)_x000D_ Packaging_x000D_ 1 kg in poly bottle_x000D_ 100, 500 g in poly bottle_x000D_ Other Notes_x000D_ Contains 100% active components and is a mixture of non-silicone organic defoamers in a polyol dispersion. Can be sterilized repeatedly.
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